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Dr Ronald Dodzro

Research and Dissemination Director

Hipster with Camera

"The BiPP Network are a thoughtful and psychologically minded group of individuals who work hard to bring a wide range of timely, interesting and accessible learning events and reflective spaces to the African and Caribbean therapist community."

—  Dr Roberta Babb (Registered Clinical Psychologist and Registered Forensic Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)

Ron is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist and CBT therapist, who has worked extensively with both adults and young people experiencing various psychological and social issues. This has been supported by various learning opportunities (MSc in Clinical and Community Psychology at University of East London, PgDip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at University of Royal Holloway, DClinPsy at University of Hertfordshire). Ron’s experience of working in the NHS and not seeing visual representation of people that look like him spurred him to challenge these inequalities and voice them. Ron has researched and written extensively on the experiences of marginalisation and decolonisation, with features in The Psychologist, The Clinical Psychology Forum, and various blogs. Ron has also been working with the Association of Clinical Psychologists to publish a book on decolonising clinical psychology.

Ron is dedicated to changing the current visual landscape of clinical psychology and providing confidence to those worried about entering the profession due to the colour of their skin. This is demonstrated by the ‘Reflective Practice’ sessions he facilitated for aspiring clinical psychologists as well as the guest-lecturing he does at University of Westminster. His overall aims/interests are two-fold: one to amplify the voices of young, Black men who often find that their voices are not validated or acknowledged in society; two to keep challenging the inequalities that exist within clinical psychology and to actively contribute to decolonising the profession.

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