Jason Shonibare

Strategy and Innovation Director

Hipster with Camera

"The BiPP Network are a thoughtful and psychologically minded group of individuals who work hard to bring a wide range of timely, interesting and accessible learning events and reflective spaces to the African and Caribbean therapist community."

—  Dr Roberta Babb (Registered Clinical Psychologist and Registered Forensic Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)

Jason is a Trainee Educational Psychologist whose current research question looks at “What are the intersecting experiences of students from a Black and Minority Ethnic background and who have a Special Educational Need or Disability in Further Education?” Jason’s background includes work across various sectors including charity (youth and mental health), education (alternative, mainstream, higher education and special), health services (acute mental health, BME) and the London Metropolitan Police Service. This further highlights Jason’s dedication to pursuing creative and innovative ways of enriching the lifestyles, chances and perspectives of those who identify as marginalised in society. Jason seeks to critically appraise the systems in which he exists to support sustained impact in the education sector and broader social justice.

Jason’s skills and expertise are well-positioned to provide actionable insight into the key aims of the BiPP Network and he hopes to bring about targeted and broad change, particularly in the field of psychology and for BME professionals and the BME community who use mental health services. As a director of Strategy and Innovation, Jason’s work involves working closely with BiPP’s stakeholders to critically coordinate the efforts and direction of the network. Jason feels excited and honoured to be part of a passionate team driving for change in such a key arena. This is especially true as the diverse events that the BiPP Network has facilitated for both the professionals and individuals who use services is really just beginning, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive response from attendees, much needed.