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Keisha York

Founding Director

Hipster with Camera

"The BiPP Network are a thoughtful and psychologically minded group of individuals who work hard to bring a wide range of timely, interesting and accessible learning events and reflective spaces to the African and Caribbean therapist community."

—  Dr Roberta Babb (Registered Clinical Psychologist and Registered Forensic Psychodynamic Psychotherapist)

Keisha York is a LISS DTP funded Organisational Psychology PhD student at King’s College London who consults organisations in strategic interventions for workplace wellbeing, diversity management and organisational research. Prior to this, Keisha obtained a degree in Criminology & Psychology at Southampton University and later completed an MSc in Organisational Psychiatry & Psychology at King’s College London. She has also acquired extensive experience in human resources, diversity and inclusion, and organisational research. Her professional interests lie in technological innovations for workplace training and development; as well as facilitating psychological adjustment and cross-cultural competence.

Keisha founded the BiPP Network in 2019 after reflecting on her experience as a Black woman studying psychology at a Russell Group University. Particularly, her lack of exposure to Black mental health professionals, academics or research pertaining to the Black community throughout her degrees prompted her to investigate the familiarity of this experience amongst racially minoritised students in the UK. Keisha designed and delivered the BiPP Network’s inaugural event in September 2019 which was attended by over 300 mental health professionals and students. The event’s success was acknowledged by several UK universities, The Psychologist magazine, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and Keisha was invited to the House of Parliament’s Black History Month Event to celebrate the initiative's impact. Through BiPP, Keisha hopes to provide a supportive community for registered and prospective ethnic minority mental health professionals to acquire insight, guidance and knowledge on accessing careers in psychiatry and psychology.

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