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Prioritising and advancing the representation of Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in psychiatry and psychology.

The Black and Minority Ethnics in Psychiatry & Psychology Network provides a community for registered and prospective ethnic minority mental health professionals to acquire social, emotional, psychological and developmental support. 

It was founded in 2019 in response to the gross underrepresentation of Black, Asian and ethnic minority professionals in psychological academic teaching and mental health practice.


We work to advance the representation of Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in psychiatry and psychology by hosting events and activites which address and tackle racial inequalities in the mental health profession. 

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  • Keisha York

    Founder and Managing Director

    Keisha is a Mental Health Researcher and Diversity Consultant who currently supports organisations in embedding equitable and inclusive practices which promote and sustain the psychological wellbeing of their workforce.

  • Jason Shonibare

    Strategy and Innovation Director

    Jason is a Trainee Educational Psychologist whose current research explores the intersecting experiences of students from a Black and Minority Ethnic background and who have a special educational need or disability in further education.

  • Dr Grace Mansah-Owusu

    Strategy and Innovation Director

    Grace is an Organisational Psychologist who completed her MSc in Occupational Psychology at the University of Nottingham and PhD in Management Studies from Brunel University.

  • Sarah Atayero

    Social Media and Communications Director

    Sarah is a Trainee Clinical Psychologist who works with both adults and young people with a range of mental health disorders including depression and anxiety.

  • Deji Maxwell

    Social Media and Communications Director

    Deji is a Forensic Mental Health Practitioner and Advisor who works for a Higher Education institution.

  • Jessica O'Logbon

    Events and Logistics Director

    Jessica is a 3rd year Medical student who champions for widening participation and support for young people pursuing higher education regardless of their socioeconomic background, race or gender.

  • Idriss Kamtcheu

    Events and Logistics Director

    Idriss is a MSc in Psychology student, with a BSc in Medical Sciences from the University of Bangor.

  • Hunainah Mansuri

    Research Assistant Intern

    Hunainah is a finalist at the University of Cambridge where she is studying Education, Psychology and Learning.

  • Bibek Pokhrel

    Research Assistant Intern

    Bibek is an aspiring Educational Psychologist who is passionate about
    developing his understanding of effective mental health provisions and interventions for young people, and inclusion within the education system.

  • Gabrielle Williams

    Research Assistant (Social Media) Intern

    Gabrielle is a 2nd year Psychology BSc student at the University of Birmingham and a Psychology A-level tutor.

  • Chinwe Anyaorah

    Research Assistant (Social Media) Intern

    Chinwe recently completed her MSc in Psychological Science at Queen’s University Belfast, during which she worked as an advocate for Refugees and asylum seekers.





 The Inaugural event invited mental health professionals and PhD students to discuss racial inequalities within health system and concerns accessing careers in psychiatry and psychology for ethnic minorities.


The BiPP Network are a thoughtful and psychologically minded group of individuals who work hard to bring a wide range of timely, interesting and accessible learning events and reflective spaces to the African and Caribbean therapist community.

Dr Roberta Babb, Clinial Psychologist

To those wanting and needing to understand more about the Black perspective with respect to mental health and mental health services, BiPP is the place to start. Whether you are a professional or someone who might have to use services, BiPP provides up to date understanding using experts with a diverse range of experience who are top of their game. 

Dr Shubulade Smith CBE, Academic and Consultant Psychiatrist

The Men's Mental Health event was fantastically inspiring, well organised and clearly made great strides towards the aim of reaching out to aspiring clinicians from racially minoritised communities. Given my positive experiences, I wouldn't hesitate to work with this vital organisation again.

Dr Isaac Akande, Clinical Psychologist

The BiPP Network's mens mental health event was inspiring, I have no doubt that if someone had been suffering in silence, this event would have given them hope to seek help. Thank you BiPP for such an excellent event, let us continue encouraging young men to talk about their mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Peter Phiri, Research & Development Manager and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist


Your donation helps us work towards improving the representation of racialised groups in the psychiatry and psychology professions

Black and Minority Ethnics in Psychiatry & Psychology Network C.I.C Limited 

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