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Our #Newfaceofpsychology social media campaign highlighted the 2020 incoming cohort of trainee Clinical, Educational, Health, Counselling, Sports and Exercise, Forensic and Occupational psychologists.

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The lack of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) representation amongst qualified psychologists in the UK, coupled with clashes in cultural values and feelings of isolation can make the application process to professional doctorate courses anxiety-provoking for BME individuals.


Our #Newfaceofpsychology campaign sought to provide advice, share knowledge and empower BME aspiring psychologists from a range of disciplines pursuing doctoral studies in psychology.

We hosted over 25 Twitter and Instagram Live interviews with trainees and feature stories from incoming trainee (and sometimes qualified) educational, occupational, clinical, forensic, sports and exercise and counselling psychologists on our blog and instagram.

Follow the hashtag #NewFaceofPsychology to stay up to date with the campaign.

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