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PSYCHOLOJIST: The newest podcast in psychology

The Psycholojist is an exciting new web series, hosted by our Social Media and Communications Director Deji – a mental health practitioner, in which he invites psychologists and mental health practitioners from racialised backgrounds to debate thought-provoking topics on human behaviour central to the community, along with themes referenced within pop culture. These topics are interpreted through various theories within psychology, ranging from discussions on the Psychology of Education, the Psychology of Trust, growing up with African parents and the impact of social media on our mental health.

The series was initiated by Deji to give minority colleagues within psychology and the mental health field a platform to share their knowledge, interest areas and showcase diversity of thought to the wider audience. Deji invites guests with lived experience within the world of psychology, some of whom are early career professionals and experienced peers who are passionate about their work.

The web series aims to debate psychological interpretations on various topics and share them to a wider audience, focusing on making psychology more accessible to those not engrossed in it. Deji has had a plethora of positive feedback from the audience and aims to expand the content so that it is relatable to not only those within psychology but also the wider general viewers. In the future, we can expect Deji and guests to discuss more diverse topics and branches within psychology that are often missed.

Listen to Season 1 below :

Episode 1: The Psychology Behind Trust

Episode 2: The Psychology Behind PTSD (in the ends)

Episode 3: The Psychology Behind Social Media

Episode 4: The Psychology Behind "Blind" Love

Episode 5: The Psychology Behind Arrogance

Episode 6: The Psychology Behind African Parenting

Episode 7: The Psychology Behind Education

Season 2 coming soon!


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